Instead of an operator, the landing page tells about the advantages of the technique

Web design

About project

The company approached me with the task of designing a landing page website.
It was in their interests to make the site easily accessible, fast loading, and at the same time in a modern style that would be clear and beautiful.

Taking into account all aspects of the site design, I avoided the use of unnecessary graphic elements that draw too much attention to themselves. Instead, a picture of a book and an earpiece was added to the site header so that the visitor would form an opinion that the technique consists of audio training. A thank you page was also invented so that the visitor knew about the successful completion of the order.


После того, как пользователь заполнить формы и оформит заказ, он попадает на страницу благодарности.
Страница сообщает пользователю, что заказ успешно выполнен. Это предотвращает дублирование одно заказа и сокращает нагрузку на базу данных.


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