My expertise lies in website and user interface design, and I offer my services as a freelance designer.

Hi! My name is Jamshid Alizoda. I'm from Tashkent.
For me, design is primarily a solution to business problems.
Therefore, I always strive to develop the most understandable and
high-quality product to achieve the goals of my clients.

As a digital product designer, I understand the importance of creating great user experiences. I am fascinated by studying human behavior and how it influences their actions. Through working with corporate clients and startups, I have learned to create and maintain brand consistency, providing long-term value to customers.

When creating a design, I always try to take into account market research, conduct constant cooperation with the client to achieve the best results, balancing the achievement of a business goal and taking into account the needs of Internet users.

Skills and abilities

Website design;
Mobile application design;
Visual design;
Corporate identity;
Brand Guide.

Clients I've
worked with

G1 Ontario (Canada);
Holmuradov Architects;
Valery Atelier;
Tyumen Hockey;
Suraya collection;
Austrumu Gaume (Latvia);
Nufuz Architecture;
CNC Uzbekistan;
Elcom Electric;